Anthony Robbins – Back From The Edge Creating Everlasting Love

Berisi seminar AR di USA, dan disana ada seorang Pria yang sudah married sekian tahun dan mereka harus berpisah karena adanya masalah komunikasi. Dan kunci disini yang cukup menarik adalah penggunakan kalimat tertentu bisa berefek bagus atau bisa berefek jelek. Dan disini ada pembelajaran yang sangat bagus.

Ada masalah dalam membangun cinta dengan pasangan anda? Miliki DVD motivatosi cinta Anthony Robbins – Back From The Edge Creating Everlasting Love. Adalah cerita dari pasangan yang sangat serasi, satu sama lain saling memperhatian sebegitu dalamnya. Masalah muncul, keduanya merasa tidak nyaman, tidak tau masalahnya apa. Di sini semuanya akan di bahas oleh Anthony Robbins.

This is a story of a very nice couple, two people who cared for each other deeply. The problem was, they were making each other miserable, and they didn’t know why. Sound familiar? The fact is that often nice people, in nice relationships, are doing terrible things to each other. How does this happen?

During an Anthony Robbins conference, Paul abruptly stood up, insisting on making a change in his life. For over two years, his marriage had been lifeless. Together for thirteen years, they loved each other, but there seemed to be nothing they could do for each other anymore. He was miserable when they were together and didn’t know what to do. This problem only intensified their other challenges – money worries, tensions with extended families, raising two small children. He could no longer live this way, but what could he do,?

As Paul’s wife Jenn stood up to speak, followed by others in her family, Tony quickly perceived the pattern that was destroying their relationship. Close extended family is always important, but in this case Paul and Jen’s relationship was constricted by their other relationships within the family. By investigating the different people in Paul and Jen’s lives – the children, friends, colleagues, and parents – Tony helped the couple understand their conflicts and to clarify their priorities. With this new clarity, the couple found new ways to give to make each other number one, and immediately their love went into a full blaze. Since then their marriage and family life has been completely transformed.

If you would like to increase the love and passion in your life, this film will change you forever. Filmed live before an audience of thousands, and narrated by world-renown therapist Cloe Madanes, this film offers step-by-step instructions on how to bring back the closeness, sharing, and love that makes a relationship last.


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