Anthony Robbins – Reclaiming Your True Identity

Jika anda memiliki masalah untuk memotivasi diri anda melakukan sesuatu yang sebenarnya anda yakin dapat mencapainya, ada solusinya. DVD motivasi hidup “Anthony Robbins – Reclaiming Your True Identity” mengupas tuntas masalah yang anda hadapi sebagaimana di atas.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to do things that usually wouldn’t be “you”? Have you ever looked with desire at accomplishments that you think might be within your reach? If you are having trouble mobilizing yourself to do things that you believe you might be capable of doing, it is most likely that there was a time in your life in which you made a key decision that has shaped the way you look at life, the way you interact with people, and the results you’re getting today.

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