The Dark Side of Pornography

Video yang mengupas sisi gelap dari pornografi.

An Ep that is entirely devoted to the taboo subject of pornography.
But this is Disinfo nation and unlike 99% of the thinly diguised TV tittillation, that use the “investigative” terminology merely as an excuse to show as much nudity and sex as they can throw at our screens without incurring the wrath of the censor, this actually IS a fairly serious look at the subject. But be warned some of the language and subject matter will shock the easily offended nontheless. Starting with the revelation of the 4 Billion Dollars this business makes in annual revenue it goes on to show through the words of those directly involved in the making of pornography the extremes it will go to and t he toll it can take on all those involved in it. From the “actresses” to the distributors this is not a pretty tale and “glamour” is the last word that comes to mind. The infamous Rob Black is featured pretty heavily and does not mince his words here. Regardless of how we may personally view the man he has no illusions about his business and engages in no pretense about “art” or “flim” but strips it down to what he sees as it’s brutal actuallity.

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