Ultradepth Hypnosis And Mind To Mind – James Ramey

Mind-To-Mind Healing
By James R. Ramey
Ultra Depth® International is the exclusive home of James Ramey’s Ultra Depth® Process.  The Ultra Depth® Process is a system which goes far beyond traditional methods in the exploration consciousness and awareness.  Traditional methods ends at the state of somnambulism and relies upon suggestion for results.  The Ultra Depth® Process is specific technology which includes two more profound depths for long lasting results.  They are the Esdaile and Sichort States.  In either of these depths suggestion is often not necessary to achieve incredible results.
The Ultra Depth® Process can be used for any situation that an individual may need to achieve self-healing.  Ultra Depth® is ideal for physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual situations that may be challenging an individual.  It is the individual’s own Subconscious who does the work necessary to facilitate the healing, not the practitioner.
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